Malmö restaurant snapshots

Vigårda Hamburger restaurant is a must - make sure to look up when in Sweden!

Epicuré became a strong new favourite so much so we went twice. 

Atmosfär probably has the best food you can find in Malmö.

Ok so needless to say I went to some restaurant while in Sweden and these are just a few of them. Three completely different restaurants but equally yummy. Vigårda among the best hamburger restaurants you can find in my opinion, so as mentioned if you're ever in Sweden you have to look up the nearest one. The second two restaurants you can only find if you find yourself in Malmö for some reason. Epicuré serves genuinely amazing Italian food both my seafood risotto and the gorgonzola pasta I had the second time was to die for and I would even say that the food competes with what I've had at Cecconi's in London. Then there is Atmosfär which serves food in a class of it's own, there is truly no other restaurant like this in Malmö.

I'm now back in London which feels a bit bittersweet, but I find myself being very optimistic about 2015 and I'm looking forward to new challenges and opportunities.

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